The concept

Latest generation

invento technology

  • the emergence of a unique technology for the production of the latest generation of grey EPS
  • creating an entirely new class of EPS products, whose performance parameters will provide multidimensional benefits both for the environment and for end users of thermal insulation materials based on it



  • ecological, thanks to the ability to use recyclates
  • waste-free production of EPS, contributing to the reduction of raw material losses and energy consumption
  • innovative, developed by the best specialists in the industry
  • the most modern, thanks to a new, one-of-a-kind production line

The product


  • fully recyclable, can be reused in the production of new EPS boards
  • contains raw materials from recycled polystyrene secondary products
  • provides higher thermal insulation of the boards thanks to the innovative addition of the ecological Geopolymer
  • maintains high stability of performance parameters, thus ensuring higher quality of thermal insulation materials than before



Find out what makes the ecological Geopolymer unique and how it influences the innovative technology of InVento


Find out more about the assumptions of the Circular Economy implemented by lnVento technology



  • a unique composition of mineral and carbon raw materials, implemented to significantly increase the thermal insulation capacity of foamed polystyrene boards
  • a mineral-carbon hybrid which, thanks to its spatial structure, blocks infrared radiation, improving the performance of thermal insulation boards by up to 10% compared to the other grey boards

Cellular structure of lnVento containing Geopolymer

  • provides an ecological alternative to commonly used infra-red absorbers
  • a flame retardant, free of halogen compounds
  • InVento-based polystyrene products can be fully recycled
  • manufactured by Synthos according to the company’s own recipe based on innovative patented technology


  • the material was designed in accordance with the assumptions of Circular Economy
  • lnVento produced with our technology can be fully recycled, without losing its performance properties, so that this high value material can be reused in the production of new EPS boards
  • the lnVento production process uses raw materials from recycled polystyrene secondary products and their proportion in the finished product can completely replace the polymer used
  • the InVento material provides higher thermal insulation of foamed polystyrene boards, which reduces heat loss, greenhouse gas and dust emissions into the air
  • lnVento used in the production of foamed polystyrene allows material losses to be reduced and shortens the processing time, thus reducing the cost of energy consumption
  • the InVento production technology is waste-free – the generated byproducts is returned to the process


Discover the values that accompanied fulfilling by us assumptions of Circular Economy.
Find out what the standard model for polystyrene recycling is and how we implement it.

View into the most modern factory of the largest European producer of expanded polystyrene.


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