Learn about the most innovative thermal insulation product on the market


Notice the product which meets the demands of the modern world, the need to use a material which has excellent thermal insulation properties which go hand in hand with exceptional care for the environment.

Feel the satisfaction of using the advantages of the material which ensures comfortable thermal conditions in your home, while remaining in harmony with the environment.

Be innovative choosing a product which, thanks to many years of research, is now produced using innovative technological processes in the only type of this modern EPS production plant.

Use its advantages related to exceptional environmental performance, which impacts the world around you.



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See how and where the revolutionary InVento technology was born.

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Premium class

Your home is perfectly insulated thanks to a technology which ensures the best insulation parameters available on the market.

Premium class insulation is possible thanks to a more homogeneous cellular structure of the material, into which the innovative Geopolymer is integrated.

This means the highest thermal insulation performance on the market, never before achieved.

The lower thickness of the board (thickness reduction even up to 25%) positively influences faster installation, lower thickness of the entire thermal insulation system, and the possibility of shallower placement of window openings, giving an increased amount of light indoors.



The unique composition of ingredients of the Geopolymer used in the InVento technology employs the phenomenon of blocking infrared radiation – a phenomenon important from the point of view of the requirements of modern buildings in terms of reducing heat loss and the stability of performance parameters of thermal insulation boards.

Tests have shown that the thermal-insulation effectivity of InVento is 25% higher compared to traditional foamed polystyrene panels. This industry-leading feature is the result of the unique properties of the ecological Geopolymer embedded in the cell structure of InVento.

Spatial structure of Geopolymer are a characteristic part of its structure and influence its optical properties, blocking the flow of infrared radiation through the partition.

Geopolymer is a modern material which, among other things, imparts high thermal insulation. It is characterised by very high fire resistance, acting as an ecological flame retardant in thermal insulation foamed polystyrene boards.




Thanks to a unique cellular structure,
thermal insulation boards manufactured
using the InVento technology provide the best thermal insulation for buildings, as a result reducing the demand for energy for indoor cooling in summer and heating in winter.

Such a significant reduction in energy consumption is influenced by a thermal insulation parameter called the heat transfer coefficient λ. InVento offers the best λ parameter on the market.

Reducing energy consumption brings not only environmental but also economic benefits.


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By choosing a material based on InVento technology raw material, you can rest assured that you have chosen the most ecological solution for thermal insulation, created in a waste-free and environmentally-friendly production process.

Products made using the InVento technology are characterised by full recyclability and their composition and structure allows the assumptions of the Circular Economy to be implemented.

This unique Geopolymer additive built into the InVento structure is exceptionally environmentally friendly, as it is fully recyclable. It can be used repeatedly in the production of new EPS boards, without any prejudice to their final performance.


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the product

Ask about product

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First of all, more comfort! Styrofoam boards made using the InVento technology have an excellent lambda coefficient. Therefore, they offer the highest thermal insulation efficiency on the EPS board market.

Secondly, savings! The InVento boards are environmentallyfriendly. An ecological geopolymer additive embedded in the cellular structure of polystyrene foam provides higher efficiency of blocking infrared radiation than standard athermal additives. This means a significant improvement in thermal insulation properties and less energy consumption for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Thirdly ecology! Everyone understands the principle: less energy consumption = less emissions of dangerous gases and dust into the atmosphere. The InVento technological process itself is completely waste-free. By using high quality recycled polystyrene raw materials, we reduce the use of natural resources. In addition, the polystyrene from which the boards are made is fully recyclable. To sum up: by using InVento boards, we contribute to the protection of the environment.

Fourthly, quick and easy installation! Thermal insulation boards based on InVento technology show higher thermal insulation, which allows the thickness of the board to be reduced, while maintaining the required thermal insulation parameters. Thanks to the fact that the board is thinner, it is very easy to install, which saves time and reduces installation costs.

Fifthly, more light indoors! The smaller thickness of the board also means a smaller thickness of the thermal insulation system on the façade. This means a greater angle of sunlight coming through the window, which translates into more daylight in the house, less energy consumption and lighting conditions which are safe for health.

If you cannot tell the difference, why overpay? The InVento technology board differs significantly from traditional white foamed polystyrene boards, and this was discussed in detail in the previous question. The board itself is more expensive, but the benefits offered by the InVento technology boards bring measurable benefits. What benefits?


1. higher energy savings translate into lower bills

2. greater light indoors, improving lighting conditions in the home, providing greater health benefits

3. a slimmer façade system means: a lighter façade, faster installation, lower labour costs


The long-term benefits of using InVento-based boards include:

Positive impact on the environment – the long-term use of high-quality boards translates into a lower demand for heating and cooling fuels over many years of building use. Even the smallest energy savings within a year generate huge savings in energy resources over many years.

Improving the household budget – look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, as the saying goes. The money saved from using less energy over the years, means money is available to be used for other purposes.

Future-proofing – board parameters exceeding the current requirements will also meet those which are yet to come. InVento-based boards will serve for many years, despite the changing regulations on thermal insulation efficiency in relation to the energy efficiency requirements of residential buildings


Do you require more detailed information?

Learn more about the technology used in the production process of the lnVento material, about the essence of using an ecological geopolymer, and about the implementation of tasks arising in connection with the assumptions of the Circular Economy.

obraz synthos

about synthos

Synthos S.A. is one of the largest manufacturers of chemical raw materials in Poland. The company is Europe’s first manufacturer of synthetic rubbers and the largest European producer of expanded polystyrene. It is also placed first among manufacturers and sellers of XPS boards in Central Europe.

The company is developing globally, operating in markets around the world, at the same time making substantial national investments. In 2018, construction of a production line for the new XEPS product was completed at the production plant in Oświęcim. It is for an ecological and innovative polystyrene material with reduced thermal conductivity, intended for insulation in the construction industry. The product bears the trade name of InVento.

The investment is a response to the market’s demand for insulation materials with excellent insulation properties, which at the same time respect the principles of ecology and the assumptions of the Circular Economy.

InVento is a grey EPS product, which is distinguished by its greater technological advancement. The product is innovative also due to the use of the geopolymer additive which, in addition to its positive impact on the thermal conductivity coefficient, also has an impact on the flame retardancy of the product, which in turn reduces the consumption of the flame retardant used.

The InVento project is a completely innovative technology, developed by the Synthos S.A. Research and Development department and never before used anywhere in the world.

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